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What a Smart Grid Means for San Diego

The need for a smarter energy infrastructure and smart grid solutions in the San Diego region has never been greater. Our industry is quickly transforming, and changes to SDG&E’s power supply resource mix are impacting nearly every aspect of the region’s electricity system. Here’s how we’re working with our current resources to transform the Smart Grid:


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Smart Grid Tools

As an SDG&E customer, you have access to tools that are beyond smart—they’re downright brilliant:

  • Home Area Networks show how much energy you are using in near real-time and help identify high-energy use appliances.
  • Monitor your energy use and develop an action plan with My Account.
  • Download your energy data and use an app to help you save.

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Connected to the Sun

Our EcoChoice program offers you the option to purchase 100% renewable energy and fund new renewable sources, too.

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An Innovative Partnership with the San Diego Zoo

Working with Smart City San Diego and the San Diego Zoo, we installed 10 solar canopies that power five electric vehicle charging stations in the zoo parking lot. The project is one of the first of its kind in the region. The environmental benefits are equal to removing 189,216 lbs. of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, planting 2,788 trees, or removing 21 cars from the road.

Technology that Helps Us Manage Supply and Demand

Industry leaders are taking note of our Smart Grid deployment efforts:

  • POWER Magazine recognized SDG&E with its “Smart Grid Award.”
  • For two years in a row, we’ve been in the “Top Ten North American Utilities in Smart Grid” by GreenTech Media and GTM Research.

To learn more about our exciting Smart Grid initiatives, read our 2017 Smart Grid Deployment Plan Annual Report.