Community Choice Aggregation

SDG&E and your local Community Choice Aggregator are working to provide our shared customers with clean, safe and reliable electric service.

What is Community Choice Aggregation?

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows cities, counties and other public agencies to purchase or generate electricity for their community’s needs. If your community is served by a CCA, you were automatically enrolled, and the energy you use is purchased or generated by your CCA and delivered by SDG&E.

Two CCA providers, Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) and San Diego Community Power (SDCP), currently serve more than 80% of customers within SDG&E’s service territory.

Separate Pricing for
Electric Generation and Delivery

Your bill includes three types of charges: CCA electric generation, electric delivery, and taxes and other fees.

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Electric Generation Charge:  CCAs purchase or generate electricity for the communities they serve. Electric generation is the charge for electricity used in homes or businesses. The Electric Generation charge from your CCA is included on your SDG&E bill.

Delivery Charge: SDG&E delivers electricity to power your home or business. Delivery charges include the costs of operating the energy systems along with construction, modernization and overall upkeep of wires, substations and other equipment needed to deliver electricity to the communities we serve. Delivery charges also include costs for customer service, service technicians, meters and other equipment needed to operate the utility.

Taxes and other fees: Charges collected by SDG&E required by city, state and public program agencies, including taxes, city franchise fees and state-mandated programs like wildfire fund and energy efficiency programs.

Charges from CEA and SDCP for electric generation along with SDG&E charges for electric delivery are included in one utility bill sent by SDG&E.

You can find your CCA listed under Electric Generation in My Account and the mobile app. Or find your electricity provider below by selecting your community: