Summer Reliability Market Access Program (SRMAP) Aggregators

The Summer Reliability Market Access Program offers aggregators the opportunity to provide SDG&E customers with a wide variety of options not available through conventional Energy Efficiency programs to reduce energy usage.

SRMAP Incentive Table

SRMAP was designed in response to Governor Newsom’s Emergency Proclamation of July 2021, under the California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) Decision, in order to expedite clean energy projects and relieve demand on the electrical grid during extreme weather events. Program incentives are tiered to offer the highest rates for demand savings delivered during summer months (June to September) for peak (4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and net peak (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.) hours to drive participation and outcomes for this effort. 

The goal of SRMAP is to produce emergency peak demand and/or net peak demand reductions through energy efficiency actions by: 

  • Open access to qualified aggregators to facilitate wider contractor and customer participation. 
  • Providing generous incentives aligned with the value to the grid. 
  • Providing technical assistance to customers to achieve energy savings. 
  • Utilize NMEC methodologies to pay aggregators based on delivered savings, thus expanding the measures available for implementation. 

What Makes SRMAP Different? 

SRMAP offers aggregators something different. As a population level NMEC program, SRMAP opens opportunities to capture stranded energy savings and earn increased incentives for energy savings delivered during summer peak and net-peak hours.

Aggregator Eligibility

Individuals or organizations that meet the requirements as listed in the Aggregator Participation Agreement may participate in the program. Aggregators are participating vendors or program partners who generate energy efficiency and/or demand savings for an aggregated group of customers.

Aggregator Roles and Responsibilities

Aggregators manage interactions and relationships with participating customers. An aggregator’s roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Holds any agreement (e.g., Incentive, Direct Install, Letter of Authorization, etc.) with the customer. 
  • Follows all SDG&E customer privacy guidelines as noted at
  • Responsible to ensure that customer agrees to provide all required documentation and access to the facility for project-related audits, inspection or data gathering by SDG&E or by the CPUC.
  • Receives incentive payments and determines customer incentives, if any. 
  • Responsible for performance of installed equipment. 
  • Agrees to SDG&E’s terms and conditions of the Aggregator Participation Agreement. 
  • Agrees to terms of M&V Plan requirements.  
  • Accountable for resolution of customer complaints.
  • Responsible for installation, warranties and product guarantees, if any.

Incentives and Aggregator Payments

Incentives will be paid to aggregators according to the following base case rate table. Payments are based on these rates multiplied by a weighted EUL.

SRMAP Incentive Table 1


For illustrative purposes, a lighting project with an EUL of 12 years increases incentives rates as follows.

SRMAP Incentive Table 2


Aggregators will receive incentive payments based on a Pay-for-Performance payment structure for delivered energy savings calculated by population-level NMEC methodologies. The appropriate Net-to-Gross (NTG) will be applied to the delivered energy savings. These payments will occur at six different milestones listed below. The details for each milestone payment may be found in the SRMAP Program Manual.

Payment Installation

Installation After Project Completion


After end of next calendar-year quarter following date of Installation 


After end of 2nd calendar-year quarter following date of Installation 


After end of 3rd calendar-year quarter following date of Installation 


After end of 4th calendar-year quarter following date of Installation 


After remaining calendar-year quarterly period to complete 12 months of evaluation

Interested in Becoming a SRMAP Aggregator?  

  1. Complete the SRMAP Aggregator Participation Agreement.
  2. Provide the following tax forms:
    • W9
    • 587 – Required for businesses established outside of the state of California
    • 590 – Required for businesses within the state of California 
  3. Submit all required documents to [email protected].
  4. Register on the Accounts Payable system to receive payments, if not already registered. The Aggregator contact, as listed on the participation agreement, will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with registration.

Project Submittals 

Project Submittal Process

  1. Complete the SRMAP Project Submittal spreadsheet.
  2. Collect customer statement documentation, to include:
    • Customer Influence statement
    • Customer data-sharing agreement
    • Customer agreement to provide all required documentation and access to the facility for project-related audits, inspection or data gathering by SDG&E or by the CPUC
  3. Submit documents. All project documents must be submitted securely through our Electric Data Transfer (EDT) portal. To request access to EDT, please contact us at [email protected].

Project Approvals

Project submittals will be reviewed and approved by the SRMAP team.

A Notice To Proceed (NTP) email will be sent, which will include SRMAP incentive estimate, weighted EUL of the project, net to gross ratio applied, and estimated installation date.

Project Installation

Once a project has been installed, Aggregator will submit an installation package to include:

  • SRMAP Installation Report
  • Invoices to support project costs
  • Photos of installed equipment
  • Specification sheets, if applicable

All project documents must be submitted securely through our Electric Data Transfer (EDT) portal. To request access to EDT, please contact us at [email protected].

If you have questions regarding specific project eligibility and/or submittals, please email us at [email protected].


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